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Edgewater Palms Updates

Xmas / NY 2019 Rooms Now Available

Great news: we have just released inventory and rates for the Xmas & New Year 2019 / 2020. If you’re looking for accommodation in Paihia over this time, there’s absolutely no better place to stay than at Edgewater Palms!

At present a minimum stay of 2 nights is required through the 31st of December. This means that you are not able to stay just for the night of December 31st… you have to also take at least 1 night prior OR 1 night after this date to secure a booking. All online booking websites including our own site have this policy in place.

Please also note the cancellation policy for the period: 01 December through 31st March. Due to the extremely heavy demand over this period, a 30 day cancellation policy is in place on all bookings. This will be confirmed with you after we receive confirmation of your reservation for the period.


To clarify:

If a cancellation is made prior to 30 days before your check-in date, no amount will be charged.

If a cancellation is made within 30 days of the check-in date, 100% of the total booking will still be charged.

Finally, if you have a confirmed booking and do not show up (and also do not cancel), 100% of the booking will be charged.


This is in line with the policies in place for this period throughout most accommodation in Paihia.


If you have any questions or would like to make a price / availability enquiry, contact our reception team any time on 094020090 (NZ) or +6494020090 (intl).

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